About Coilmaster Electronics

Professional power inductor, common mode choke and Transformer manufacturer - Coilmaster Electronics

Since Coilmaster Electronics, established in 1995, is a professional supplier of magnetic components including high-performance power inductor, high current inductor, power choke, common mode choke, chip inductors, Lan magnetics as well. Expect to the standard components, Coilmaster also designs consumer magnetics to fit customer’s requirements. We have been committed to offering the high-quality passive components, supportive engineers through the entire design process, as well as providing the best service possible to the customers. Both of our support and service systems are designed to respond to the requirements of our customers. The systems are reviewed and modified continually to achieve the ultimate level of customer service. Certified with TS16949/ ISO9001/ ISO14001 high standard quality assurance system and meet AEC-Q200 to support automotive-grade products

Main Product:

High Current Inductor.
SMD Power Inductor. (Shielded Inductor, Unshielded Inductor, Semi-shielded inductor)
Common Mode Choke. (SMD Common Mode Choke, Through Hole Choke)
High Frequency Transformer.
Chip Inductor.
EMI Filter.
Choke Coil.
Ferrite Beads.
Line Filter.
Molding Power Choke.
RJ45 / LAN Transformer.

In contemporary society, a bunch of information is crowded our life, same as the product information. Coilmaster understands that some time is really difficult to find the suitable component for your applications, there are thousands of choices for our product. Even the same characteristic, normally will get 2~4 kinds of product that could meet the requirement, however, what is the best product to fit your applications?

This is what we could help with, we are not only the manufacturer, we are glad to help you to understand what is the difference between each product series, and what may cause the change if you use the wrong part on your applications. Take shielded inductors as examples, in the same dimension, we will have traditional winding series, SDS / SDC, molded type SEP series even the semi-shielded inductor SQH series. But how to choose the most suitable and economical part of your application?

Furthermore, the lead time issue has become more critical since the end of the year 2020.
Many well-known manufacturers currently have lead times of over 20 weeks even one year, often with product allocation policies. Coilmaster could help you to solve this shortage issue, with a lead time of 5~8 weeks excluding the public holiday.

We also could help you to provide the alternative for the EOL / discontinued inductors. And you do not have to wait 20 weeks due to allocations, our lead time is around 5~8 weeks only (excluding the holiday). If for urgent case, we still offer special fast program service with a little extra cost but could deliver the goods to you in 2~4 weeks. Our product range could cover around 90% of all passive components including Murata, Sumida, TDK, Coilcraft, Wurth, Bourns, Vishay, Panasonic, Yageo, and others. For further information, please feel free to contact us immediately!

Coilmaster Own Reliability Laboratory - According to AEC-Q200 Checking List

Coilmaster Electronics owns equipment assets of more than 1.5 million RMB. This reliability test laboratory has more than five professional experimenters made up of product managers, R&D engineers, and quality engineers. This laboratory helps the Coilmaster team to develop the new series product, do the routine reliability test to make sure the high standard quality.  All the instruments are checked by third-party test organizations every year.

Electronics Testing

* Thermal rise
* Inductance (at frequencies from 5 Hz to 6 GHz)
* Q factor
* DC resistance (DCR)
* Leakage inductance

* DC current Bias (up to 25A)

Simulated Environmental Performance Testing
* Moisture resistance (−40°C to +150°C, 20% to 98% RH)

* Thermal shock (−55°C to +155°C)
* Thermal cycling (−55°C to +155°C)
* High and low temperature storage (−55°C to +155°C)

* High temperature operational life at +125°C plus temperature rise due to self heating
* Vibration

* Falling Test

Other Services
* Solderability testing
* RoHs

Our vision and product scope

Coilmaster Electronics always put customer satisfaction at first priority. To ensure the high reliability by maintaining quality control throughout the design and manufacturing process to surpass customer expectations. Furthermore, Coilmaster Electronics has consistently invested around 10~12% of total sales revenue in R&D and production department every year. Most of our outstanding engineers have the background for ferrite core. That provides an advantage during the designing stage. And our engineers are dedicated to seeking creative and cost-effective solutions to customers. We will do our best to support our superior products to worldwide customers.

To be the top SMD Power Inductor, Power Choke, Common mode choke supplier in the world, we constantly improve our production instrument to reach the zero defect. Zero defect at Coilmaster is not the slogan, it is a state of mind. Over the past years, Coilmaster invests the few million dollars to achieve this goal. From automated producing line to the testing machine.

Moreover, here is the brief information about our production capacity.
SMD Power Inductors: 120 million pcs / month

Wire Wound Common Mode Choke: 25 million pcs / month

Multilayer Chip Inductors: 280 million pcs / month

Total Quantity : 425 million pcs / month

Except for the standard lead time, Coilmaster Electronics also supports the Quick Delivery program, this service provides the limited volume of standard products with lead times from 15~25 days. This service will help our customers to have a prototype in the shortest time and seize business opportunities.