Brief introduction for our product


Since Coilmaster Electronics, established in 1995, is a professional supplier of magnetic components including high performance power inductor, common mode choke, chip inductor, RF chip inductor, high current inductor, molding power choke, high frequency transformer, lan magnetics. Except to the standard components, Coilmaster also designs consumer magnetics in order to fit customer’s requirement. We have been committed to offering the high quality passive component, supportive engineers through the entire design process, as well as providing the best service possible to the customers. Both of our support and service systems are designed to respond to the requirements of our customers. The systems are reviewed and modified continually to achieve ultimate level of customer service.

Coilmaster components are manufactured and promoted for use in Choke coils for DC/DC convertors for portble equipment , mobil computers ( P.D.As,Notebook size personal computers ) , A.V equipment ( DVCs , LCD television sets , Digital cameras ) , Power supply for VTR, OA equipment , Small size communication equipment . The excellent performance and meaty line up satisfying users needs have been on our active list . And the electronic parts as matrices for future development of electronic equipment . Coilmaster's system integrates all the processes from development and research to production to lavishly apply Coilmaster's own technologies thereby improving further the high-dimensional applications to the apparatuses these electronic parts are mounted on