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RJ45 with POE (Power Over Ethernet)

RJ45 Magnetics, Lan connector

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Coilmaster Electronics is a professional RJ45 connector(RJ45 magnetics) manufacturer with excellent quality.

RJ45 Jack with magnetic, built-in PHY IC filter modules combined into RJ 45 integrated Jack network module. For this combination it simplifies PCB layout line as well as reduces the net work blocks occupied area in the PCB, to reduce resources consumption of the development system.

Coilmaster RJ45 LAN magnetics modules, there is a variety of appearances, such as with window or without window on shield, 1 or 2 XUSB/RJ45 Integrated Jacks, 2xN Integrated Jacks, 90° RJ45 or 180° RJ45, Through hole, Surface Mount, 1x2, 1x4, 1x5 RJ45 Jack With Magnetic Module, offering multiple selections according to customers demands.Built-in filter module specifications can be used with PoE network PHY ICs of 10Base, 10/100Base, 1000Base (1G), with a choice of, offering different & flexible choices. If there are special specifications, Coilmaster can also provide customized service to fulfill customers' needs.

What is RJ45 with POE(Power Over Ethernet)

POE (Power Over Ethernet) refers to the existing Ethernet cabling infrastructure Cat.5 not make any changes to the case, for a number of IP-based terminal (such as IP telephones, wireless LAN access point AP, network cameras etc.) transmission of data signals, while also providing a DC power supply device for such technology. POE is also known as the power supply system based on LAN (POL, Power over LAN) or an active Ethernet (Active Ethernet), sometimes also referred to as Ethernet, which is transmitted using the existing standard Ethernet cable to transmit data and simultaneously New standard specification of electrical power and maintaining compatibility with existing Ethernet systems and users.

POE technology to ensure the normal operation of the existing network to ensure the safety of existing structured cabling, while minimizing costs. The new standard is based on the IEEE 802.3af standard Power over Ethernet POE system, which increases the relevant standards are powered directly through the network cable on the basis of the IEEE 802.3, is an extension of existing Ethernet standards, is the first international on power distribution standard

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