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What is a Toroid Inductor?

A toroid inductor, wild used in electronic circuits, is an insulated coil that is wire wound on a ring-shaped form which is made of different materials, such as, powdered iron, ferrite or another material. A toroid inductor is mostly used at large inductances are required. Toroid inductors have more inductance per turn and can carry more current than solenoids with a core of similar material and size.

Types of Toroid Inductors

Coilmaster Electronics provides different kinds of toroid inductors to meet customer's requirements. The toroidal inductors from Coilmaster can be used as a toroidal coil, common mode inductors, SMT inductors or for any circuit that might require toroid coils.

Applications for Toroid Inductors

Through-hole toroidal inductors are used in medical devices, telecommunications, musical instruments, industrial controls, refrigeration equipment, ballasts, electronic clutches, electronic brakes, in the aerospace & nuclear fields, in air conditioner equipment and amplifiers. Other applications include noise filtering for switching regulators, power supplies, power amplifiers, and triac control circuits.

Choosing the Right Toroid Inductor

There are different kinds of toroidal inductors, When you are looking for the right toroid inductors, please kindly let us know the request characteristic, include dimension, DCR, saturate current...etc. We will provide the most suitable toroidal inductor to you in the shortest time. 

Coilmaster also provides free toroidal inductors samples for customer evaluation.