RoHS & Halogen free & REACH Compliance Declaration Letter

RoHS Compliance Declaration

Coilmaster hereby certify that our products Power Inductors, Common Mode Choke, Transformers and LAN magnetics are compliant with all requirement and exemption set by the European RoHS 2.0, Directive 2011/65/EU & the European Delegated Directive (EU) 2015/863.

Halogen free Compliance Declaration

Coilmaster hereby declare that our products Power Inductors, Common Mode Choke, Transformers and LAN magnetics are complying with Halogen free requirements.

REACH Compliance Declaration

Coilmaster hereby also certify that our products Power Inductors, Common Mode Choke, Transformers and LAN magnetics manufactured by us fully comply with the related requirements of European Union Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)

Download Coilmaster’s REACH and RoHS Compliance Declaration by below link

REACH Compliance Declaration

RoHS Compliance Declaration

RoHS Compliant

LAN Transformers POE Transformers Chip InductorsSeveral EU directives( RoHS ,WEEE) are forcing manufactures to reduce respectively to avoid the usage of hazardous subatances in electronic devices.

For this reason, we guarantee that all products or parts intentionally do not contain the hazardous substances prohibited by RoHS directive: Our RoHS / Reach SGS report will update every year. 
Please contact us for more information.


1. Which lead-free items can already be manufactured and delivered by Coilmaster in compliance with RoHS and Reach?

a) All the items from Coilmaster Electronics are RoHS and Reach compliant.
b) How has the „lead-free marking "been implemented?

Means lead-free marking how (description)
yes no
on the label v Show the lead-free logo and RoHS complaint in the reel and carton of the label.
in the article description v   REMARK FOR LEADFREE PRODUCT
in the article number v   FOR LEAD-FREE P/N + “LF”

2. Do you see any price and delivery changes for lead-free items?
NO, we will do our best to keep the same price to our customers.

3. If your items are not yet lead-free available, when will you be definitely in the position of being able to manufacture lead-free items in compliance with ROHS?
>>Please let us have your detailed roadmap including the way of your planned „lead-free marking“ >>question 1b.

4. Are all your manufactured items (lead-free and not lead-free) already solderable with lead-free soldering processes?

5. Are all your lead-free items as well solderable with the conventional Pb-soldering processes?

6. If you modify some processes in order to comply with the RoHS directive, can you still fulfill the existing specifications?
YES, all the characteristics will be the same as the existing specifications.

7. We would like to receive all products according to the RoHS directive commencing latest 30. April 2004. Can you definitely fulfill this requirement?

8. If you modify some processes in order to comply with the RoHS directive, what measures willbe taken in order to guarantee the reliability of the products?

All of our product will have the test every year. The updated SGS report, please contact our sales department.
Classification Reflow Profiles

High Current  Inductors

Profile Feature

Sn-Pb Eutectic Assembly Pb-Free Assembly
Large Body Small Body Large Body Small Body
Average ramp-up rate(TL to TP) 3°C/second max. 3°C/second max.
Preheat -Temperature Min (Tsmin) -Temperature Min (Tsmax) -Time (min to max) (ts)             100°C                                                       150°C                                                     60-120 seconds 150°C                                         200°C                                      60-180 seconds

Tsmax toT -Ramp-up Rate

  3/second max
Timemaintainedabove:                                         -Temperature (TL) -Time (tL) 183°C                                                  60-150 seconds 217°C                                       60-150 seconds
Peak Temperature (Tp) 225 +0/-5°C 240 +0/-5°C 245 +0/-5°C 255 +5/-5°C
Time within 5°C of actual Peak                         Temperature (tp) 10-30 seconds 10-30 seconds 10-30 seconds 20-40 seconds
Ramp-down Rate 6°C/second max 6°C/second ma
Time 25°C to Peak Temperature 6 minutes max 8 minutes max
Note : All temperatures refer t topside of the package. Measured on the package body surface.


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