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SMD Common Mode Line Filter Directly Replacement for Würth Parts

SMD Common Mode Line Filter-SLF95

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Coilmaster Electronics has developed an SMT Common Mode Line Filter, suitable for Signal and sensor lines, Power supply systems, CAN(Controller Area Network), Current compensated choke for data and signal lines. The ring core material for both NiZn and MnZn is available. Product feature with a low profile, various footprints, surface mount type, magnetically-shielded package, toroidal construction.
These common-mode chokes are suitable for reflow process up to a maximum 260°C, RoHS-compliant, up to Irms 8 Amps (higher is also available), and hi-pot 1000/1500 Vrms.
The below list is our part number which is a direct replacement to Würth product (100% pin to pin, similar characteristic but with much competitive price). This series also produced by a fully automated machine, that offers stability and high quality. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact our sales team. 

Wurth WE-SL2 SMT Common Mode Line Filter
744226 SMM0905-921-LF
744226S SMM0905S-921-LF
744228 SMM0905-282-LF
744228S SMM090S5-282-LF
744225 SMM0905-312-LF
744225S SMM0905S-312-LF
744227 SMM0905-552-LF
744227S SMM0905S-552-LF
744224 SMM0905-182-LF
744223 SMM0905-332-LF
744222 SMM0905-602-LF
744221 SMM0905-922-LF
744220 SMM0905-203-LF
744229 SMM0905-183-LF
744220103 SMM0905-253-LF
744220203 SMM0905-503-LF
Wurth WE-SL5 SMT Common Mode Line Filter
744272121       SMM1006B-121-LF
744272221 SMM1006B-221-LF
744272251 SMM1006B-251-LF
744272471 SMM1006B-471-LF
744272102 SMM1006B-102-LF
744272222 SMM1006B-222-LF
744272332 SMM1006B-332-LF
744272392 SMM1006B-392-LF
744272472 SMM1006B-472-LF
Wurth WE-SL5 HC SMT Common Mode Line Filter
744273501       SMM0905B-501-LF
744273801 SMM0905B-801-LF
744273102 SMM0905B-102-LF
744273222 SMM0905B-222-LF
※ 1 Part number with "S" means sectional winding style
※ 2 Winding turns: approx. winding ratio: 1:1
※ 3 Reflow process is available


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