Shielded SMD Power Inductors - SDS SERIES(3~18mm)
Shielded Power Inductors SDS SERIES - SDS1608

SDS1608 (6.6x4.45x2.92mm)

Shielded inductors

1. Spot welding
2. Excellent SRF value and insulation resistance
3. Gold plating, ceramic base
4. Broad range of inductance value

Shielded tiny smd power inductor SDS1608 offer the broad range of inductance value, from 1.0uH to 10000uH. Therfore, the solder quality is important point during the production. Because of this, the spot welding was applied on this series. Ferrite drum core provides higher SRF value and better insulation resistance. The ceramic base with extra layer of gold plating was utilized on this series. It provides better storgae time, available to against corrosion / oxidize and increase the plating's overall durability.

The product feature with high breakdown voltage and low DCR, that will helpful for portable devices to achieve longer battery life. The material for SDS1608 series is heat resistance that means suitable for reflow process and could be used in the harsh temperature environment. The surface of this inductor is the flat one for easy pick and place SMT assemble.
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Size (Max.)
Inductance Range
1.0 ~1000uH
Current Range

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