SDS127H (12.3x12.3x8 mm)(IDC:1.14~56A)(L:0.47~1000uH)

Shielded Power Inductors

Direct cross to Cooper DR127 / Bourns SRR1208 / Coilcraft MSS1278 series
Wire wound shielded SMD power inductor - SDS127H series (high efficiency, low power loss and high current carry capacity) from professional manufacturer Coilmaster Electronics. The magnetic shielded inductor is available to isolate the leakage flux from inductor it selves. Which could avoid to affect the adjacent component for inductance change or noise issue. Moreover, SDS127H shielded inductor have small footprint, low power loss and high efficiency. Suitable for application like high performance DC-DC / AC-DC converter applications, especially those requiring shielding. This series of shielded inductor have the highest saturate current carry capacity in the same dimension.
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SDS74H (7.5x7.5x4.5)(IDC:0.31~18.4A)(L:0.33~1000uH)

High Current Shielded Power Inductors
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SDS5022/30 series (5.2X5.2 height from 2.2~3mm)

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SDS124H (12.5x12.5x4.5 mm)(IDC:0.53~24.4A)(L:0.47~1000uH)

Shielded Power Inductors
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2. Strong structure against shock ...

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