Semi-Shielded (Resin-Shielded) Power Inductor

The performance of SMD semi-shielded inductor is the product between magnetic shielded and non-shielded products. The type in which the wound drum core is covered and molded with magnetic epoxy. The epoxy resin was blended with magnetic powder like soft magnetic metal. This resin-shielded inductor has medium flux radiation, space requirement, electrical characteristics and cost-effective compare with the shielded and non-shielded inductor. The applications where the components are not sensitive to radiation from inductors are highly recommended to utilize the semi-shielded inductors.

Except the traditional ferrite core, Coilmaster also develop the product which used alloy powder core on this series. It could provide the better current carry capacity, compare to the same dimension and inductance product, the saturate current (Isat) could have 2 times better, rate current (Irms) also have 10~15% improvement.

Coilmaster provides the various dimension of semi-shielded power inductor, from the smallest 2.0mm to 8.0mm. The customized inductance value (customized characteristic of SMD shielded power inductor) is available. The SMD resin-shielded inductors from Coilmaster have reliable quality due to the highly automated process. The products will be check 100% by the fully automated machine to reach our goal; zero defect. Ideal applications for these lower cost inductors include DC/DC converter, power supply, computer, LED lighting, and various industrial and consumer electronics products.
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