Wire Wound Inductors / RF Chip Inductors

Wirewound Inductors Manufacturer - Coilmaster Electronics Co., Ltd. is able to manufacture professional Wirewound Inductors and RF Chip Inductors. We provide a variety of Wirewound Inductors and RF Chip. From most common types categorized by DC Resistance, Inductance, Tolerance, Maximum Rated Current and Dimension.

We provide wide range of Inductance from 1 µH to 100 µH. We also could provide wirewound inductors with Inductance up to 10000 H. Normally wirewound inductors having a DC Resistance from 40 mΩ at least.

Wirewound Inductors from Coilmaster Electronics

Coilmaster Electronics provide full range of wirewound inductor for our customer in order to satisfy customer who is looking for a wire wound chip inductor or for any circuit that may require a wire wound inductor. Please provide your request characteristic on wirewound inductor for us. Our engineer team will provide best wirewound inductor for you in order to match your specific wirewound inductor applications.

If you already used other competitor’s wirewound inductor, we also could provide 100% alternative wirewound inductor for you but with more competitive price and better lead time. You could easily to find the suitable wirewound inductor product at Coilmaster.
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