Air Core RF Inductors / Spring Air Core Inductors

  Coilmaster produces several kinds of air core surface mount coils, is fully compliant with RoHS (Reach) legislation. In addition, “ SS” series provides a competitive price and prompt lead time. Indeed, When “SS” series use on the high frequency range, it performs with high Q value and stable inductance, and has high self-resonant frequency. Meanwhile, the low DC resistance design is ideal for low power consumption, low loss, high output. 

  These SMD air core coils are designed for high frequency circuits in telecommunications equipment, including antenna modules, power amplifiers, VCOs and SAWs, mobile phones. Other applications include digital TV tuners, wireless Bluetooth devices.

  This new SMD inductor have excellent on inductance with narrow deviation , with a complete range of inductance values, make chip inductors an excellent choice for high frequency circuit matching. Application of RF air core coil specific designs also available including different inductance values and Q specifications.

  We also could provide Spring Air Coil(None flat top) for our customer, Air Coils is known as "Spring Coils". We could produce based on customer requirement.

  If you have inquiry about Spring Coil (Spring Air Coil), Air Coil, SMD Air Core Coils, SMD Inductor, RF Choke, RF Air Core Coil...etc, please feel free to contact us.
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SS3730 (3.98x3.15x3.28mm)

Spring Air Core Inductors
Air coil have excellent on inductance with narrow deviation to eliminate circuit tuning, e ...