Shielded Power Inductor

​The SMD magnetically shielded housing is assembled with a drum core and ring core. Will use the shielded ring core to cover the areas around the coil to gives these products as closed magnetic circuit to achieve low EMI levels. The advantage of the shielded inductor is to block both external and inside magnetism from having any external effects. This shielded inductor possesses constant DC superimposition characteristics, cost-effectiveness, low core loss, excellent efficiency, wide inductance range, and low DCR due to excellent structure / great winding space.

Coilmaster provides a wide range of industry-standard footprints of shielded power inductors, from the smallest 3.0mm to 12.0mm. The inductance range from 1.0uh(1R0) to 1500uH(152) and the customized inductance value (customized characteristic of SMD shielded power inductor) is available. We also utilize two kinds of drum core, Ni-Zn, and Mn-Zn. Both material powder has high relative permeability(μ) however the Mn-Zn core has higher current carry capacity and lower RDC. Furthermore, for higher mechanical stability or voltage requirement applications, the plastic base also available. There are several lines of power inductors available from Coilmaster, such as power supply inductors, high power inductors, or other circuitry power inductors.
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