High Current Power Inductors,Molded Power Inductors - SEP ,SMP , REP SERIES(2~17mm)

SMD molded power inductor is utilized the molding technology to cover the coil and have high magnetic shielding effectiveness with low magnetic flux leakage, no acoustic noise and soft saturate current. Molding power inductor SEP/REP model features with low profile (from 1.2mm to 7.0mm) and small footprint (from 2.5mm). Due to our advanced powder and wire winding technology, the product has small inductance change depending on temperature. Compare to the ferrite structure, this series have soft saturation characteristics and better efficiency.

Traditional molded high current inductor utilizes the round wire. To achieve the better performance and lower energy consumption, flat wire also available for the SMD molded power inductor. The molding power inductor with flat wire which has a 40~60% better surface area, this is helpful for larger current goes through and provides lower dc resistance. Vast range of inductance value, from 0.1 uH to 220 uH. (other custom request inductance value is available).

Coilmaster Electronics's engineer team have excellent background for material powder and winding technology. Two own developed material powder will be used on this molded high current inductor, the carbonyl and alloy powder. Carbonyl powder product could provide the higher saturated point, lower power loss and robust structure. On the other hand, metal alloy powder is more cost effective, simple production process and more environmentally friendly. Both metal magnetic material features miner inductance changes by temperature and does not reach magnetic saturation. Hence the product is extremely suitable for applications which need the stable inductance value even above the rated currents and higher frequencies and current. The inductance value drops softly above rated currents and DC/DC energy storage is up to 1 MHz.
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