Shielded High Current, Soft Saturation Power Inductors (Flat Wire) - SER series

High-current, high-inductance power inductors of SER series utilize the PQ core and flat copper wire to create a laminated-style winding construction with magnetically shielded construction. To achieve low dcr (DC resistance), low profile, excellent thermal characteristic, and low leakage inductance. In current applications, it could replace the original wire-wound power inductor and also provide at least 20% better efficiency. This high current power inductor is suitable for applications like solar inverters, wind power, medical, industrial for high power, new energy, or electric vehicles. On the bottom of the PQ core, we utilized the plastic base with a third pad to make this product more stable after mounting and better vibration resistance. This high current flat wire power inductor suitable for high power applications, VRM, POL…,etc.
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High current Shielded Inductors
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