High Frequency SMD Common Mode Choke - MM SERIES

SMD high-performance surface mount common mode choke has various industry-standard dimensions and construction. The smallest size of wire wound common mode choke is from 1005(0402) to 4532(1812) The wire-wound common mode choke, MM series is designed to eliminate the common-mode noise from DC line in a broad range of frequencies. For the smaller size such as MM2012(0805), it is suitable for high-speed data line applications, have low insertion loss and differential impedance. The wirewound common mode choke has the same 1:1 impedance ratio or balun structure (have different turn ratio). The wire wound common mode choke is suitable to work in high frequency which is up to GHz, standard IL is 0.8db only. Suitable for USB2.0, HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0 IEEE 1394, and LVDS. The whole series is RoHs, REACH compliance, and halogen-free.
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