High Current Power Line SMD Common Mode Choke - SMM SERIES

High current common mode power inductor for the power line. The SMM series is a high current, surface mounted common mode choke coil for power supply circuits (is available for automotive applications). This SMD wirewound common mode choke is an ideal product for noise suppression especially for power line / AC to DC converter / DC to DC converter. There are different structure/core material/winding method will be applied on this series of common mode choke to achieve different applications requirement. The SMD wire-wound common mode choke is an electrical filter that is used to block the high-frequency common-mode noise or make the low-frequency signal pass. Except for this power line common mode choke, Coilmaster also offers the wire-wound common mode choke for different applications such as high-speed data line, data line, or through-hole common mode EMI chokes for the power line.
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