Through hole common mode choke / Line Filter Choke

EMI Line Filters for filtering common mode power line noise.

In recent times there has been a growing need for energy storage inductors for noise filtering in both mains Line filters and DC chokes used in switched-mode power supplies. In mains line filter applications the filtering falls into two categories: common-mode noise and differential-mode noise. The line filter arrangement consists of two sections bobbin between the mains supply and the equipment. Note that the common mode filter is wound on a single core and the differential mode filter consists of two individual wound cores. The common-mode noise is in relation to ground and is common to both lines. Differential mode noise is the noise between the two lines. Both types of noise are usually present to varying degrees.

Coilmaster is equipped to design and produce custom components to meet many design and reliability demands. The line filter coke normally utilize the Mn-Zn core to achieve higher inductance and impedance value to have better performance on noise suppression. To suppress the common mode noise, the magnetic flux flows inside the ferrite core, the function will be the same as the inductor to suppress the noise, but is space saving, cost effective and more effective to replace several normal power inductors. On the other hand, if the common mode use on different mode current, it features with low impedance even the current flow through the coil is large. That means the distortion of the waveform is much less than two single power inductor.

Coilmaster EMI line filters (UU) series common mode choke coils are used in a wide range of prevention of radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) from power supply lines and for prevention of multifunctioning of products such as measuring equipment and system equipment. Features wide range of selection, high impedance at applicable frequency, and high self-resonant frequency. This through hole common mode choke is designed to reduce stray capacity between windings by using a single-layer coil and two sections bobbin construction on high permeability ferrite core, which offer excellent high frequency characteristics. This series provides excellent noise suppression for high frequency ranges including the FM band. This filter can also be used as a signal line with excellent withstanding voltage, since the windings are divided into two sections.

Custom parts are available on request. Coilmaster will also produce devices outside these specifications to meet specific customer requirements.
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