Signal / Data Line SMD Common Mode Choke - SLF SERIES

SMD common mode line filter has the T core in the middle with the dual windings. which suitable for the data line and power line. This SMD common mode choke utilized two kinds of ferrite core, Ni-Zn, and Mn-Zn to achieve different characteristics and various applications. Mn-Zn core could easily achieve the higher inductance / impedance value and suitable for low-frequency applications, on the other hand, Ni-Zn core is suitable for high-frequency applications. Furthermore, some applications need high isolation such as the common mode choke on the power supply system, power delivery is happening at low frequency, the sectional winding will be applied. For signal line or data line, the isolation is not important but the high-speed signal is involved, this will use the bifilar winding to achieve the lowest attenuation in differential mode. The whole series has operating temperature: –40 °C to +125 °C, operating voltage: 80 VDC, suitable for reflow process, RoHs / REACH compliance, and Halogen free.
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