SMD Balun / Wideband Transformers

Coilmaster Electronics produces various kind of SMD common mode RF transformers (balun transformers) which are used to convert between unbalanced-balanced signals in the antenna inputs of tuner circuits for terrestrial digital broadcast compatible compact devices. Windings use paired or and triple wires for high uniformity. 

Coilmaster also utilizes the latest winding technology using paired wires for high uniformity and enabling the most cost-effective designs in manufacturing common mode choke, RF balun transformer products. Ideal for use in double balanced mixers, and as broad band transformers, transistors and for impedance conversion. 

SMD choke coils, common mode choke SRIDB series (RF Balun Transformer) series are pair wire coil for high stability and high common mode impedance. SRIDB series smd choke coils, common mode choke is effective for common mode noise suppression in digital equipment which radiation is caused from cables. Custom Balun Transformer is also available for us.
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