POE Transformers, SMD Miniature Transformer - EFD SERIES


* High Frequency Power Transformer

* High Frequency Switching Transformer

* Audio Transformer

* ADSL/ISDN Line Transformer

* Wide Varity Of Other Sizes and values available.

Features - High Frequency POE Transformer:

The EP for PoE series are strongly recommended for POE device or Equipment application,switching power supplies, DC-DC converters, audio/ADSL/ISDN LINE device, electrical isolation, power distribution, electrical control and instrumentation.

Coilmaster Electronics provide various type of high frequency transformers, POE Transformer, Telecom Transformer can be selected. Customer design is acceptable for us.
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POE Transformer, High Frequency Transformer
Aside from Power over Ethernet Transformer, we also provide professional ADSL Transformer, ...