High Current Power Inductors

Coilmaster - We are a professional High Current Inductor, Molded Power Choke, High-Frequency Inductor, Low Profile High Current Inductor, High Current Power Inductor manufacturer.

High Current Inductor (also known as molded power inductor / iron powder inductor) is one of our main products, we also produce Magnetic Shielded Inductor, Non shielded Inductor, Wire-wound inductor, Chip Beads Ferrite Beads….etc. High Current Power Inductor's inductance range from 0.1µH 100µH. Especially design for a low profile, high current requirement applications. The product features a high saturated current which exhibits soft saturation characteristics, low core loss, high operating temperature, and high operating temperature. We also provide a very low DCR high current power inductor, high current inductor or custom design power inductor in high current.

High Current Power Inductors from Coilmaster Electronics

We have a complete production line in the field of high current power inductors that could use to design in power supply inductors, SMD high current inductors, high saturate current inductor, high power indctor, surface mount inductor, or other circuits which may require a power inductor. Coilmaster’s salesperson will provide the most suitable High current power inductor, SMD high current inductor, High current inductor to you, but please kindly let us know your request inductance, DCR, IDC on the power inductor (Custom Inductors & Transformers is also available for us).

If you already use another competitor’s power inductors but with a more expensive price, longer lead time. Coilmaster could provide a better solution to you. We could provide 100% alternative power inductors, you don’t need to revise your layout due to different power inductor suppliers. We are willing to provide High current inductor, High current power inductor, Molded power choke samples to the customer for evaluation.

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