Company Profile

Professional power inductor, common mode choke and Transformer manufacturer - Coilmaster Electronics

Since Coilmaster Electronics, established in 1995, is a professional supplier of magnetic components including high performance power inductor, high current inductor, power choke, common mode choke, chip inductors, Lan magnetics as well. Expect to the standard components, Coilmaster also designs consumer magnetics in order to fit customer’s requirement. We have been committed to offering the high quality passive component, supportive engineers through the entire design process, as well as providing the best service possible to the customers. Both of our support and service systems are designed to respond to the requirements of our customers. The systems are reviewed and modified continually to achieve the ultimate level of customer service. Certified with TS16949/ ISO9001/ ISO14001 high standard quality assurance system and meet AEC-Q200 to support automotive grade products

Main Product:

High Current Inductor.
SMD Power Inductor. (Shielded Inductor, Unshielded Inductor, Semi-shielded inductor)
Common Mode Choke. (SMD Common Mode Choke, Through Hole Choke)
High Frequency Transformer.
Chip Inductor.
EMI Filter.
Choke Coil.
Ferrite Beads.
Line Filter.
Molding Power Choke.
RJ45 / LAN Transformer.

Our vision and product scope

Coilmaster Electronics always put customer satisfaction at first priority. To ensure the high reliability by maintaining quality control throughout the design and manufacturing process to surpass customer expectations. Furthermore, Coilmaster Electronics has consistently invested around 10~12% of total sales revenue in R&D department every year. Most of our outstanding engineers have the background for ferrite core. That provides an advantage during the designing stage. And our engineers are dedicated to seek creative and cost effective solutions to customers. We will do our best to support our superior products to worldwide customers.

In order to be the top SMD Power Inductor, Power Choke, Common mode choke supplier in the world, we constantly improve our production instrument to reach the zero defect. Zero defect at Coilmaster is not the slogan, it is a state of mind. Over the past years, Coilmaster invests few million dollars to achieve this goal. From automated producing line to the testing machine.

Moreover, here is the brief information about our production capacity.
SMD Power Inductors: 120 million pcs / month

Wire Wound Common Mode Choke: 25 million pcs / month

Multilayer Chip Inductors: 280 million pcs / month

Total Quantity : 425 million pcs / month

Coilmaster Electronics History

2021  - Set up the automated transformer production line

2020  - TS16949 to IATF16949

2018  - Expand Hubei Factory to 12000m

2015  - Reliability laboratory finished

2014  - TS16949 certificated and start an automotive business

2013  - Developed the smallest high current inductor 201610 / 252010

2012  - Established Shandong Factory 

2012  - Expand Dongguan Factory and apply the automated producing process

2008  - Established Hubei Factory - Coilmaster Technology (For Transformer and Common Mode Choke)

2002  - Established Dongguan Factory (For Power Inductor)

1995  - Main business is ferrite core for domestic market

Established (Coilmaster Electronics Co.,Ltd)

Coilmaster Electronics Co., Ltd. is a well-experienced Power Inductors Manufacturer in Taiwan, providing Power Inductors and High Current Inductors with durable quality and competitive price.  We supply Transformers for many industries use. If you are looking for reliable SMD Power InductorsLine Filter, Lead Ferrite BeadsSMT Common Mode Choke and Power Choke, please do not hesitate to contact us.