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Coilmaster Electronics -Reliable manufacturer of inductors, transformers, and common mode chokes for the automotive, medical, and industrial industries.

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Your Partner For SMD Power Inductor, Common Mode Choke, Molding Power Choke, Power Choke, Transformer, RJ45, LAN Transformer

Coilmaster Electronics is a leading manufacturer of high-quality magnetic components, offering a broad range of solutions to meet your requirements. Our extensive product portfolio includes SMD inductors (shielded/semi-shielded/unshielded), power inductors, through-hole inductors, common mode chokes, transformers, LAN magnetics, and more. With our commitment to customization, we can design and provide the solutions that perfectly match your needs.

Discover the Coilmaster Electronics advantage for yourself. Partner with us to experience exceptional quality, fast delivery, competitive pricing, and tailored magnetic solutions. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements and let us be your trusted partner for all your magnetic component needs.
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Power Inductor - Power inductor with shielded, semi-shielded, non-shielded type

Power Inductor

Power inductor plays an important role in various applications such as filtering, smooth out fluctuating...

Common Mode Choke - SMD / THT Common mode choke

Common Mode Choke

Common mode chokes are electronic components that are used to filter out unwanted signals in electrical...

SMD Balun / Wideband Transformers - Balun transformer for signal circuit

SMD Balun / Wideband Transformers

The basic functions of SMD balun are to suppress the common mode current, impedance conversion (with...

Multilayer Chip Beads / Chip Inductors - Multilayer chip inductors

Multilayer Chip Beads / Chip Inductors

Chip Beads (multilayer structure) are a reliable solution for a wide range of electronic circuit applications....

EMI Filter - Clamp filter, EMI suppression ferrite core

EMI Filter

EMI filter (electromagnetic interference filter), Coilmaster offers various kinds of products here such...

High Frequency Telecom Fly-back Transformer - SMD / THT High Frequency Transformer

High Frequency Telecom Fly-back Transformer

High-frequency transformers will be used in most of the electronic devices nowadays such as telecommunication,...

LAN Magnetics Transformers, LAN Filters, POE & Pulse Transformer - LAN Filter, LAN Transformer for POE/POE+

LAN Magnetics Transformers, LAN Filters, POE & Pulse Transformer

LAN transformer also called the LAN filter, normally have the T coils in the plastic case. First T core...

RJ45 LAN Jack (For POE and POE+) - RJ45 with magnetics for POE/POE+

RJ45 LAN Jack (For POE and POE+)

Coilmaster Electronics provides a broad array of LAN magnetics and solutions to satisfy customers' requirements....

Planar Transformer - High voltage planar transformer

Planar Transformer

Planar transformers or PCB transformers offer several advantages in terms of size, efficiency, thermal...

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High Current Power Inductor Manufacturer | Coilmaster Electronics

Located in Taiwan since 1995, Coilmaster Electronics Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturer of magnetic components. Its main magnetic components include, common mode chokes, SMD molding power chokes, chock coil inductors, SMD shielded and semi-shielded power inductors, low profile and high current power inductors, high voltage power inductors, ethernet and LAN power transformers, flat wire inductors, RJ45 jacks with integrated magnetics and high frequency transformers, and ceramic or air coil multilayer chip inductors.

Coilmaster is a professional manufacturer for inductor, common mode choke, chip beads and transformer. Our vision is “Creating high-performance inductors, reducing energy loss, and contributing to sustainable” To achieve this, our engineer team is keen to design the power inductor to have better efficiency. With more than 20 years of experience in magnetic territory, Coilmaster Electronics is specialized in the production of SMD power inductors, common mode choke, high frequency transformers.

Coilmaster Electronics has been providing customers with high current power inductors since 1995, with both advanced technology and 29 years of experience, Coilmaster Electronics ensures that each customer's requirements are met.