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Coilmaster Electronics Quality Control | Coilmaster Electronics specialize in the production of SMD power inductors, common mode choke, high frequency transformers.

Coilmaster Electronics Quality Control

Quality Control In Manufacturing

The demand for passive components, such as inductors, has been increasing due to the rapid changes and upgrades in electronic products. There is a higher demand for electrical characteristics, product power, and product quality. To meet these demands, Coilmaster Electronics continuously develops automated production lines and places special emphasis on factory management quality, reliable equipment, and environmental regulations related to raw material feeding.

In 2021, Coilmaster Electronics invested over 20 million NTD to set up fully automated production equipment for high-frequency transformers and common-mode chokes. This investment significantly reduces the high reliance on human labor in traditional production methods. In addition to improving quality stability and production capacity, it also greatly reduces product lead time.

To meet the increasing demands for passive components in response to the rapid changes and upgrades in electronic products, Coilmaster Electronics has continuously developed automated production lines, and also placed special emphasis on factory management quality, reliable equipment, and compliance with environmental regulations related to raw material procurement.

We have also made continuous efforts to achieve a 0ppm factory management system. Besides obtaining IATF16949 certification, we have established our own reliability/failure analysis laboratory (built on the ISO17025 standard platform and system), with more than 60% of the testing equipment from world-renowned brands. Our testing items include electronic product electrical characteristics, reliability tests, failure analysis, and meet testing requirements such as the automotive electronics AEC-Q200 standard.

For our automotive customers, most reliability tests can be conducted in-house. Our laboratory not only reduces the time required for outsourcing testing but can also assist R&D engineers with related testing at any time, thus enabling faster completion of their R&D work. Our in-house testing items include vibration testing, drop testing, bending testing, terminal strength testing, mechanical shock testing,