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What is Common Mode Noise? | Coilmaster Electronics specialize in the production of SMD power inductors, common mode choke, high frequency transformers.

What is Common Mode Noise?

Common mode noise refers to the interference generated during signal transmission. It typically refers to the noise that exists simultaneously in a circuit with equal amplitude and phase for positive and negative poles. This kind of noise can affect the transmission quality of signals and may lead to signal distortion and mismatch. Therefore, appropriate measures need to be taken to suppress the influence of common mode noise when designing signal transmission systems.

The approach to addressing common mode noise depends on its strength. If it is weak, it can be reduced by increasing shielding or using appropriate filters. However, if these solutions fail to resolve the problem, a common mode inductor can be used. A common mode inductor can cut off common mode noise in the high-frequency range, preventing it from affecting the signal. When selecting a common mode inductor, it is important to pay attention to the frequency and current parameters of the application to choose the appropriate product model. Common mode inductors commonly use magnetic core materials such as manganese, nickel, amorphous, or nanocrystalline, and different material combinations with winding methods can solve most common mode noise problems. The engineers at Coilmaster Electronics, with over 20 years of design experience in the magnetic materials field, can assist you in designing or selecting the correct common mode inductor product to reduce common mode noise and prevent it from affecting the signal.

What is Common Mode Noise? | High Voltage Power Inductors Manufacturer | Coilmaster Electronics

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Coilmaster is a professional manufacturer for inductor, common mode choke, chip beads and transformer. Our vision is “Creating high-performance inductors, reducing energy loss, and contributing to sustainable” To achieve this, our engineer team is keen to design the power inductor to have better efficiency. With more than 20 years of experience in magnetic territory, Coilmaster Electronics is specialized in the production of SMD power inductors, common mode choke, high frequency transformers.

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