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Power Inductor (SMD & Through hole type) | Coilmaster Electronics specialize in the production of SMD power inductors, common mode choke, high frequency transformers.

Power inductor with shielded, semi-shielded, non-shielded type

Power Inductor

Power Inductor (SMD & Through hole type)

Power inductor plays an important role in various applications such as filtering, smooth out fluctuating DC voltage, isolation, store, and release energy, regulate the flow of current…etc. Power inductors are predominantly utilized in DC-DC circuits. Multiple constructions designed could be found, such as molding, wire wound, and multilayer depending on the applications.

The key parameters for a power inductor are low DC resistance, low leakage field, high saturation current, and miniature dimension. The inductor with a higher rated current (Irms) could ensure the part does not overheat. The saturation current (Isat) is to ensure the power inductor works properly and does not saturate at peak current. Also, need to be aware of the working frequency.

Coilmaster offers the complete production line in the field of magnetically shielded inductors, semi-shielded inductors, non-shielded power inductors, molded power inductors, wire-wound inductors, coupled power inductor, and high-temperature power inductor for use in power circuits, signal, and high frequency in all kinds of applications.

The power inductor from Coilmaster has a higher current carry capacity compared to other manufacturers in the same dimension, several series of the product had passed the AEC-Q200 reliable test and could provide the tight tolerance down to 10% tolerance. All the products will be tested by an automatic testing machine 100% to provide more reliable quality to our customers. To achieve different requirement from customer, our sales team will suggest the most suitable product to have cost effective, compact size, high efficiency, high reliability, and high Q value.

Power Inductor

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SMD Shielded Power Inductor - Magnetic shielded SMD inductor with wide range of industry-standard footprint
SMD Shielded Power Inductor

The SMD magnetically shielded Power Inductor’s housing is assembled with a drum core and ring...

SMD Semi-shielded Power Inductor - SMD Resin Shielded Power Inductor
SMD Semi-shielded Power Inductor

The SMD semi-shielded inductor is the product between magnetic shielded and non-shielded products....

SMD Non-Shielded Power Inductor (SMD wirewund inductor) - High current open magnetic circuit construction SMD power inductor
SMD Non-Shielded Power Inductor (SMD wirewund inductor)

A non-shielded SMD power inductor is a type of passive electronic component that is used to store...

Dual winding shielded power inductor - SMD coupled winding shielded inductor
Dual winding shielded power inductor

The SMD-coupled inductor has two windings in a single housing (also called surface mount wire-wound...

High Current Power Inductors - SMD High current power inductor
High Current Power Inductors

Coilmaster Electronics offers a range of high current power inductors designed to meet the increasing...

Through-Hole Power Inductor - THT leaded power inductor
Through-Hole Power Inductor

Through hole power inductors are a type of inductor that is mounted onto a printed circuit...

Non-magnetic power inductor - Ceramic / Air coil wire-wound power inductor
Non-magnetic power inductor

The SMD non-magnetic power inductor is a type of inductor that consists of winding wire around...

Miniature Wirewound Power Inductor(Ferrite) - Miniature SMD wire-wound inductor
Miniature Wirewound Power Inductor(Ferrite)

The miniature SMD wire-wound inductor is a type of inductor where the winding wire is wrapped...

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Power Inductor | High Current Power Inductor Manufacturer | Coilmaster Electronics

Located in Taiwan since 1995, Coilmaster Electronics Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturer of magnetic components. Its main magnetic components include, Power Inductor, common mode chokes, SMD molding power chokes, chock coil inductors, SMD shielded and semi-shielded power inductors, low profile and high current power inductors, high voltage power inductors, ethernet and LAN power transformers, flat wire inductors, RJ45 jacks with integrated magnetics and high frequency transformers, and ceramic or air coil multilayer chip inductors.

Coilmaster is a professional manufacturer for inductor, common mode choke, chip beads and transformer. Our vision is “Creating high-performance inductors, reducing energy loss, and contributing to sustainable” To achieve this, our engineer team is keen to design the power inductor to have better efficiency. With more than 20 years of experience in magnetic territory, Coilmaster Electronics is specialized in the production of SMD power inductors, common mode choke, high frequency transformers.

Coilmaster Electronics has been providing customers with high current power inductors since 1995, with both advanced technology and 29 years of experience, Coilmaster Electronics ensures that each customer's requirements are met.