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Coilmaster reliability laboratory | Coilmaster Electronics specialize in the production of SMD power inductors, common mode choke, high frequency transformers.

Coilmaster reliability laboratory

Quality / Reliability

Coilmaster Electronics Own Reliability Laboratory

Quality is the most important thing Coilmaster care about. For providing excellent quality and highly reliable products, we perform a QC/ERP system entirely and start proceeding with QC work when the order is received. Our company's products are examined strictly, and materials all pass the inspection by IQC. We make use of measuring instruments in the production process, final product inspection, and reliable control systems. Our products are of high quality and stored in a warehouse which a constant temperature and humidity environment. Then we use the proper packing and transportation way to deliver products at the right time which meets our customer's needs.

Innovation and Improvement

Future demand for the inductor or passive component is to have a miniature size, high current carry capacity, and higher frequency. Coilmaster has well experience in this field because of our innovative powder technology, and with over 20 years of experience. All the Coilmaster staff will maintain the aggressive to meet or exceed the customers' expectations.

Coilmaster Electronics owns equipment assets of more than 1.5 million RMB. This reliability test laboratory has more than five professional experimenters made up of product managers, R&D engineers, and quality engineers. This laboratory helps the Coilmaster team to develop the new series product and do routine reliability tests to make sure of high standard quality. All the instruments are checked by third-party test organizations every year.

Customer Satisfaction

Coilmaster will continually provide our customers with high-quality products, services, or competitive prices to meet/exceed customers’ expectations. All our series products will arrange a reliable test every year. Coilmaster has our reliability test laboratory, which follows the standard of AEC-Q200. To ensure high reliability by maintaining quality control throughout the design and manufacturing process to surpass customer expectations. Furthermore, Coilmaster Electronics has consistently invested around 10~12% of total sales revenue in the R&D and production department every year.

To be the top SMD Power Inductor, Power Choke, and Common mode choke supplier in the world, we constantly improve our production instrument to reach zero defect. Zero defect at Coilmaster is not the slogan, it is a state of mind. Over the past years, Coilmaster invests a few million dollars to achieve this goal. From the automated producing line to the testing machine.


Coilmaster Electronics will depend on the condition to repair or replace if it occurs as follows :
1. Customer issues the letter advice to inform our company within 60 days after goods received
2. We will repair or replace the goods after verifying that the defect is caused by Coilmaster under the customer's normal use, not by the end user's improper operation. Except above defective cause, we don't make extra compensation for customer loss, profit decrease, production line stopped, or special accidents caused by our products.