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Coilmaster Electronics Solution to Panasonic Discontinuation ELJFA,ELJFB series


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Following the discontinuation of the Panasonic Wirewound Chip Inductor series ELJ FA/PA/FB/PB, Coilmaster are keen to bring your attention to the range of alternatives that they can provide.

As a leading manufacturer of Surface Mount Technology, Coilmaster are constantly improving our techniques and technologies to provide the best products, which include High Current Inductors, Chip Inductors, Transformers and Power Inductors.

Cross Over Guide

ELJFA = MW2520 / MW3225 / MW4532 series

ELJFB = MW2520 / MW3225 / MW4532 series

Link to the datasheet

Contact Coilmaster

If any of your applications have been affected by this discontinuation or you have any requirements that we can assist with, please contact the sales team at Coilmaster.


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