Unshielded Power Inductors

The SMD wire-wound inductor is the type in which just winding wire around a drum core, there is no magnetic shielding. Compare to the shielded construction (in the same dimension, inductance value), the unshielded power inductor has a higher current carry capacity because not easy to saturate, and suitable for price-sensitive or uncritical applications for low power circuits. Coilmaster provides the various dimension of SMD wirewound power inductor, from the smallest 3.0mm to 22.0mm. Fixed unshielded power inductor also utilize the Mn-Zn core such as SDH / SDO model to achieve better saturate current and lower dc resistance. The inductance range from nanohenry (nH) to millihenry (mH) and the customized inductance value (customized characteristic of wirewound non shielded power inductor) is available. Some product utilizes the plastic base which is suitable for higher mechanical stability requirement applications and suitable for reflow process even the high inductance value.

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