WireWound Chip Inductors (Ceramic / Ferrite)

Wirewound inductors (Ceramic) - for high-frequency circuits are used in the high-frequency band from 10 MHz to several GHz. As these products require a high Q (Quality factor) value, most have a non-magnetic core structure, and they are mainly used in the high-frequency circuits of mobile communications equipment, such as wireless LAN, mobile phones, and others.

We offers a diverse lineup of inductor products for high-frequency circuits with different structures: wire wound, multilayer and film.

Wire Wound Inductors (Ferrite) - Terminals are highly resistant to pull forces / Strong solder ability / Highly reliable in environments of sudden temperature change and humidity / Highly accurate dimensions / Highly resistant to mechanical shocks and pressure

Wild use in Video cameras, portable VCRs, Television tuners, mobile telephones, car radios, car stereos, car infotainment system, thin tape radios, other electronic devices.
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