Ferrite Beads (Lead, Through Hole), Axial Ferrite Bead, Ferrite Beads on Wire

Ferrite bead is a kind of anti-jamming applications the fastest growing components, cheap, easy to use,

filtering high-frequency noise were improved significantly.

Ferrite beads commonly used in filtering or noise reduction, Coilmaster’s Ferrite Beads RH series with high resistivity and reliable. Ferrite bead can be used to suppress differential mode of noise.

And our RH series Ferrite beads always use as EMI Filter, and design and RFI filter, EMI Filter, Ehernet EMI filter, EMI air filterEMI line filterEMI supperssionEMI power FilterEMI noise filter, DC EMI filter,AC EMI filter or other circuit which may require and EMI filter.
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