Coilmaster Electronics provides a broad array of magnetic components and solutions in order to satisfy customer's requirement. Coilmaster magnetic component product portfolio includes SMD Power Inductors, filters, chokes, inductors, transformers. Coilmaster continues to develop of small high current power inductors that feature lower DCR's and higher currents, and common mode chokes that offer improved core materials for enhanced efficiency.
Coilmaster magnetic products are an optimal solution for applications in the following markets: computer, communication, instrumentation, industrial and medical.

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Magnetic Shielded Inductors
We provide Shielded Inductor and Surface mount inductor with high quality and competitive ...


Shielded SMT Power Inductors
Our company provides Shielded power inductors with excellent quality and competitive price ...


Power Inductors
We offer Shielded power inductors and surface mount inductor with high quality in Taiwan f ...