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Always be your backup plan supplier even the end-of-life (EOL), Coilmaster provides various kinds of passive component, such as SMD Power Inductors, High current molded power inductor, Through hole inductor, Common mode choke, Transformer, LAN transformer, RJ45 with magnetics, Toroidal Chokes.

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Instant support to help you solve the issue during your designing / mass production stage.

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Over 600 actives customers and acquired over 97.6% of satisfaction during our annual investigation. Focus on the Zero defect.

Popular Products

Molding Power Inductor Hot

Molding Power Inductor

The high current power inductor or molded power choke, Coilmaster provides a wide range of dimensions from 2.0mm to 23mm.

Common Mode Choke Hot

Common Mode Choke

Common mode choke for both SMD and through hole type, and available for power line and signal applications.

Wire-Wound Shielded Inductors Hot

Wire-Wound Shielded Inductors

To achieve various customer requirements, develop from the core to achieve superior characteristic performance with operating temp up to 165C.